New to Business Planning? Start With a Basic Business Plan

Why would you want to write a basic business plan as opposed to a more elaborate one? Most business owners I know struggle with the idea of writing a full-blown plan for their business. To be completely honest, writing a plan for anything, let alone a business you own or intend to start, is challenging because…

1. we don’t know where or how to start
2. we want our plan to be perfect the first time we write it – as in, we don’t want to make any mistakes
3. we don’t like to write – and let’s face it, writing a plan involves writing.

I’m going to share with you ways to overcome each of these hurdles. But before you do anything, allow yourself to break the process of business planning into small steps.

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Business Planning in Relation to Business Growth and Management

For any company to succeed it is imperative to do business planning. The reason I am stating this is because most small business owners do not have a written plan. A company that has a plan has better chances of surviving than one that does not. A business plan should include a mission statement and a description of the business values.

Before starting a company include in your business planning an issue like market analysis to know the current trends and draw a marketing plan on how you intend to reach your target market. Choose the marketing tools you intend to use and be flexible in case you need a new approach. Also, have a financial projection to ensure a steady cash flow.

Put in place sound management structures to make sure there is smooth business operation. As you prepare, include structures that will enable your staff to be innovative and come up with new business ideas, this will encourage business growth. Rather than viewing creativity as a time consuming venture, device ways of assessing and implementing good business ideas.

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How to Write a Business Plan – For Small Inventors

Starting a new business based on your new invention? You need to know how to write a business plan. Creating a comprehensive detailed business plan forces you to make the decisions that need to be made, requires you to do your research and determine all those little details that need to be addressed, from the day to day office expenses to the cost of packaging for your invention, product, or service.

You will know what your price structure will be and how your product will be distributed. This is very important information. Your price structure depends on your distribution. Do you sell retail and wholesale? Do you sell to OEMs? How about mail order? You have to have a price structure that will accommodate a number of different prices for different channels of distribution.

By the time you’ve finished your business plan you should have a pretty good idea of all of the expenses involved in your undertaking, including the cost of manufacturing, marketing, the cost of sales, your hard costs, and fixed costs of your product. You will have knowledge about your competition, about the pricing structure for your product, the lines of distribution, cost of advertising for the various types of media campaigns, and even the cost of your product liability insurance.

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